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A gem of a gift for Father’s Day

After years of unstinting guidance, love and taxi duties, fathers deserve some appreciation on Father’s Day. But what do they have to look forward to - another mug with ‘World’s Best Dad’ on it, soap-on-a-rope and some aftershave? Instead , go for something different this Father’s Day, something he won’t see coming and will treasure for a lifetime.


Used for centuries as gifts and tokens of love, gemstones have been more commonly given to women as a sign of appreciation. However, men’s jewellery has grown in popularity and is very much seen as a fashionable item nowadays. Made in Chelsea star Oliver Proudlock is recognised as a style icon and has a range of silver jewellery featuring gemstones such as turquoise, amber and agate.

But if jewellery isn’t something that would appeal to your father then how about cufflinks with a nice gemstone touch? Philip Kydd has a large range of men’s cufflinks from bold, enamelled statement cufflinks to a more subtle plain gold cufflink with a small cab gemstone. They have been creating beautiful hand crafted jewellery and silverware for over thirty years so you won’t be disappointed.




Or how about a gemstone that displays a phenomenon? Gemstones that display effects, such as asterism, chatoyancy, play of colour and many more, can be absolutely memorising. This stone is a colour change teal Sapphire.


A carved gemstone is another alternative to jewellery. There have been amazing examples of carved gemstones made by the Dreher family. For five generations the family have been carving one-of-a-kind pieces, mainly in the form of animals sculptures. They carve from various materials such as Beryl, Agate, Quartz, Rubies and more.

Gemstone Toad Carving

Dreher carvings are very much collectors’ items so would demand a high price, but smaller, more affordable gemstone carving are available, that would make a nice ornament on a desk.

Treat your dad to something unique and special this Father’s Day with a  gemstone gift. Gemstone specialists GF Williams supplies a huge range of high quality coloured gemstones and is an expert and experienced gemstone supplier to designers, manufacturers, collectors and private clients.

Find out more about how GF Williams can fulfil your gemstone requirements by browsing our online gemstone catalogue or contacting our friendly team of gemstone experts on +44 (0) 207 405 5477 or email