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Diamonds and gems – a match made in heaven

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As coloured stone dealers we are very much of the opinion that while Diamonds are wonderful and important, they exist to accessorise our coloured stones. Jewellers through out the ages There are some amazing jewellers who almost paint with coloured stones – one is JAR (a.k.a. Joel Arthur Rosenthal), whose gem-set flowers have an enormous range of colours. The art nouveau jeweller Dorrie Nossitor was the absolute master of mixing coloured stones. She used a very subtle palette and obviously Read more […]

Mum’s the word – Gemstones and Jewellery that celebrates motherhood

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Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to tell your mum just how much you love and appreciate her. There are many ways to do this – breakfast in bed, bunches of flowers, chocolates, being at her beck and call all day. But for a truly memorable and significant way of showing your love for her try creating or buying your mum gemstones and jewellery with symbolic meaning. Here are some suggestions from the gemstone experts at GF Williams to help get you started on creating your unique Mother’s Day Read more […]

Fall in Love with Gemstones

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In our increasingly busy lives it must be a good thing to put one day aside to celebrate the love for our partner. Valentine’s Day, celebrated annually on the 14th February, is just such an opportunity. Finding that special someone who we want to be with above all others, in some cases the rest of our lives, is usually down to them having a uniqueness about them that you haven’t found in anyone else. Loving gemstones can be described in the same way. Coloured gemstone phenomena Gemstones Read more […]

Highlights of 2018

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G F Williams have had a fantastic 2018 in both business and industry events. During our buying trips to Thailand and Idar we were able to find gemstones that you don’t come across every day. Like most gemstones dealers, we go with a list of constantly sort after goods which can be testing to find but this year we were able to fill some of those gaps. One was for 7mm heart shaped pink sapphires. In past years we combined princess cut and half-moons to get the large pink heart Read more […]

The Bells of St Clement’s: A Guide to Orange and Yellow Gemstones

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  The colours orange and yellow have always been used to help make a statement. Ikea, Hertz, EasyJet, McDonalds – these are just some of many companies that use these colours in their branding to stand out from the rest. In China yellow was always reserved for royalty, as evidenced in the architecture. Where most Chinese roof tiles are grey, all the royal palaces have yellow or gold tiling.             Orange Read more […]

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green: A Guide to Rainbow Gemstones

Posted on 15/10/18, filed under News | 1 Comment

  Before we understood why it happened, it must have been a wondrous sight to see an arc of pure spectral colour suddenly appear in the sky and then disappear just as quickly. According to ancient Japanese beliefs, rainbows were the bridge human ancestors used to reach earth, while in ancient Greek mythology they were the mode of transport used by the divine messenger Iris, who was as elusive as the rainbow itself.       Even though Read more […]

Out of the Blue: A Guide to Blue Gemstones

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  Miro, the famous abstract artist, said of blue, “This is the colour of my dreams. Blue is a unique colour and even a totally non sighted person has a special receptor that senses blue.” As far back as the Renaissance, painters used Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan to make blue pigment. It was almost as expensive as gold and as such was considered a fit and proper colour for the Virgin Mary’s cloak. Even further back, Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians used Lapis Read more […]

Go Green: A Guide to Green Gemstones

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  Green is the most popular colour second to blue. It is restful to the eye and is the colour associated with nature and youth. In the 1400s it was the most popular colour for wedding gowns. It is also the colour used for night vision goggles, as the eye is most sensitive to this colour and able to distinguish most shades in this colour.     It is not surprising then that Emeralds are a very popular gemstone.However, it is one of the gemstones Read more […]

Seeing Red: A Guide to Red Gemstones

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Red is a highly emotive colour, associated with passion, power, luxury and good luck, amongst other meanings. The red in the American flag represents courage. The Chinese wear it at weddings to bring good luck. In Russian red means beautiful. And it is the first colour a baby sees. Although there are many other red coloured gemstones (garnets and spinels) and gemstones that come in a red variety, such as red fire opal, and red tourmaline (often traded as rubellite), Read more […]

March – Aquamarine.

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The blue variety of Beryl and the sister of the well-known Emerald and is the official birthstone of March. The leading source of Aquamarine is Brazil however can be found in various places in the world. It was thought that sailors wearing aquamarine would keep them safe out on the ocean and also that it would enhance happiness in marriages.   The largest specimen of Aquamarine was found in 1910 in the Minas Gerais mine. When it was brought out Read more […]

Pink Sapphire

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Sapphires may be most widely known for their classic blue colour. However this beautiful gemstone is available in a wide spectrum of colours. From warm yellow coloured Sapphire to lilac toned stones, there are a variety of choices available for those who have fallen in love with the history and magic of this gemstone but seek a colour that offers something different. One such Sapphire that we would recommend to anyone is the beautiful Pink Sapphire, a gemstone that has risen Read more […]

Sapphire, Birthstone of September

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Those born in September have the pleasure of calling Sapphire their Birthstone. When hearing the word Sapphire it’s unsurprising that people conjure up images of the intense royal blue stone. After all, apart from Topaz or Tanzanite no other blue gemstones quite come close to the iconic blue of a Sapphire. Sapphires come in almost every colour, ranging from delicate lilac and colourless gemstones to hot pink and vibrant yellow gemstone varieties. However, when gemstone and jewellery Read more […]

Spotlight on Paraiba Tourmaline

Posted on 30/08/16, filed under News | 2 Comments

We're currently in the process of organising our stock in preparation for the IJL. If you attended last year you may have seen our stand; how it looks all simple when it’s up and ready. Something only achieved due to our meticulous planning, spending time identifying which gemstones to bring and how to best arrange them. Now, as we go through the stock I frequently hear “If I win the lottery I’m going to buy this stone”. The longer the person has been in the trade the Read more […]

Journey into the gemstone trade: The infamous Hatton Garden

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The infamous Hatton Garden, a bustling little jewellery hub and the epicentre of London’s jewellery trade. Numerous hidden workshops with a constant ferrying of stones up and down the street, all headed to different locations. If you look carefully you may even spot a deal going on outside. The sense of community amongst the trade located in Hatton Garden is something only the generations of business, and fast friendships can allow for. Only after having been welcomed into G.F. Williams Read more […]

Welcome to our new website!

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We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website, and with it some great added features that make finding the perfect gemstone even easier. We’re overjoyed to introduced you to the new super search feature of our gemstone catalogue. Allowing you to search for stones by their attributes without having to select a certain gemstone type. This gives you the flexibility to browse gemstones that fit your criteria without having to limit your options. In addition to this we also Read more […]

Diamonds and gems - a match made in heaven
As coloured stone dealers we are very much of the opinion that while Diamonds are wonderful and important, they exist ...
Fall in Love with Gemstones
In our increasingly busy lives it must be a good thing to put one day aside to celebrate the love ...
Highlights of 2018
G F Williams have had a fantastic 2018 in both business and industry events. During our buying trips to Thailand and ...