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Pink Sapphire

Sapphires may be most widely known for their classic blue colour. However this beautiful gemstone is available in a wide spectrum of colours. From warm yellow coloured Sapphire to lilac toned stones, there are a variety of choices available for those who have fallen in love with the history and magic of this gemstone but seek a colour that offers something different.

One such Sapphire that we would recommend to anyone is the beautiful Pink Sapphire, a gemstone that has risen in popularity over recent years. Pink Sapphires were once available in limited quantities and sizes, generally in pastel coloured single pieces from Sri Lanka. However, since the discovery of a new source in Madagascar in the late 1990s attractive Hot Pink Sapphires made their way onto the gemstone market.

PinkGemstone PinkHeartSapphire Pinkovalgemstone PinkSapphire






Whether your colour preference sways towards the bright and bold, or you’re partial todelicate pastel tones Pink Sapphires always have something to offer. These gemstones are available in baby pink colours right through to saturated bubblegum shades.

If you're searching for a Pink Sapphire to complete a jewellery piece, or are on the hunt for the perfect gemstone to add to your collection you can view some of the stones we have available in our gemstone catalogue. If you're after something specific or would like some guidance on selecting the perfect stone please contact a member of the G.F. Williams & Co. team on +44 (0)207 405 5477 or email

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