Buying Jewellery For Christmas

If you are reading this blog because you have decided to buy a piece of jewellery for your loved one, then we can confirm you have made a great decision! Who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful piece of jewellery on Christmas day?! However, sometimes it can nerve wracking so we have outlined a few things to think about when you are buying or designing a piece of jewellery for Christmas.

1. Consider the receivers style

Have a look at what they normally wear. Do they wear chunky jewellery or do they prefer something more delicate? What metal colour do they usually go for? Some people mix different coloured metals with their jewellery so, in that case, pick the best colour that would suit the gemstones that will be in the piece. For example, Ruby always looks great with yellow gold.

2. Engraving

Make the piece more personal by adding an engraving. This could be something simple like the date you are gifting the piece or maybe a short saying that means a lot to you and the receiver.

3. Just buy the gemstone

If you would like the give a piece of jewellery that features a gemstone but you are unsure how to design the piece or whether you want to gift a necklace or a ring etc. then gifting the main gemstone is a nice way to go about it. This way the recipient can make the choice as to what to make it into. When selecting the gemstone always consider the wearers style such as what colours they wear or their style of clothing. If you are clever about it then the shape of the gemstone can match their style, for example if they are a classic person then rounds is always a good choice or if they like quirky clothing then a trillion shaped stone would be perfect! If you want to buy a gemstone online then be sure to click here to read our guide on how to do this without disappointment.

4. Gift the experience of buying the piece together

Sometimes the whole ordeal of picking a piece of jewellery or designing a bespoke piece can be incredibly daunting even if you have considered all of the above, especially if you are parting with a lot of money. Instead why don’t you gift the experience of buying the piece together? Plan a day out in advance with a few jewellers and some nice restaurants. This way you can be confident the piece will be loved and there is no risk.

Jewellery, no matter what its value, is precious and makes a lovely gift.