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Named after the Russian tsar Alexander II, because the first crystals were reportedly discovered in the Urals on his birthday, Alexandrite is a very rare gemstone. This red or green gemstone is prized for its colour-changing qualities but is now very rare to find.



Sources: Key sources of Alexandrite today are Brazil,  Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, India and Madagascar.

Similar gemstones: Colour-change Sapphire. 

Colour palette: Different lighting conditions cause changes to the color of Alexandrite. In daylight, its colour is greenish blue to dark yellow-green. But in incandescent or candle light, its colour is pink to red.

Alexandrite also reveals different colour intensity - emerald green, red, orange and yellow colors - depending on the angle at which it is viewed.

More information about the Alexandrite: Alexandrite is the Birthstone of June (in addition to Pearl), the 55th Wedding Anniversary gemstone and is thought to bring luck, good fortune and love.

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