One of the most precious and valuable of the Quartz gemstones, Amethyst is a vibrant purple gemstone and its hardness makes its suitable for use in any style of jewellery. Once as highly regarded as precious gemstones Emerald and Ruby, huge deposits have made Amethyst a more accessible and therefore less expensive gemstone.



Sources: Key sources of Amethyst today are Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Madagascar, Canada and the USA.

Similar gemstones: The unique colour of Amethyst makes it rather unique, meaning few gems are confused with it, especially in deeper shades. The rarer and therefore more expensive gemstones Purple Sapphire and Purple Spinel can be found in the same colour as Amethyst, while Iolite is also similar but has a bluer hue. Fluorite can also have the same colour but its low hardness make it unsuitable for use as a gemstone. 

Colour palette: Amethyst colours range from a light, pinkish violet to deep, dark purple, with those that are a transparent deep purple being the most highly regarded.

African Amethyst describes a deeply coloured or darker amethyst that is seen coming out of Africa.

More information about the Amethyst: Amethyst is the Birthstone of February, the 6th Wedding Anniversary gemstone and associated with health, luck and wit.

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