Possibly the most popular and prominent gemstone, the Diamond is famed for its brilliance and exceptional hardness. As the hardest known natural substance on Earth, Diamond is an ideal gemstone for daily wear.

Most of the diamonds that are mined are unsuitable for gemstone use, being either opaque, not gem quality or too heavily flawed. However, most diamonds are flawed in some way - a flawless diamond is exceptional.



Sources: Key sources of Diamonds today are Russia, Botswana, Congo, Angola, South Africa, Namibia, Guinea, Ghana and Australia, and more recently Canada.

Similar gemstones: Many gemstones resemble Diamond, among them White Sapphire, White Zircon and, of course, the man-made Cubic Zirconia. 

Colour palette: Diamonds are generally considered to be colourless or near colourless, when, in fact, most feature a light yellowish or brownish tint. It is the colourless variety that is used most often in jewellery and which are more valuable. However, fancy yellow Diamonds have recently increased in popularity.

The term ‘fancy’, used to describe any deeply colored Diamond, also applies to very rare tones of red, pink, purple, blue, and green. 

Black Diamond refers to the more common and less expensive stones that are occasionally faceted as opaque yet shiny gems.

Canary Diamond is a diamond with a deep canary yellow colour.

More information about the Diamond: Diamond is the Birthstone of April, the 60th Wedding Anniversary gemstone and associated with eternity, courage and health.

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