In its coloured varieties, Topaz colours include blue and the spectrum of yellow through sherry orange to pink, and most unique, red. With its distinct peach, pink, orange or champagne hues, Imperial Topaz is the rarest and most valuable.

Topaz is also a pleochroic gemstone, whose colouring changes depending on the angle at which it is viewed. Notably, some of the largest gemstone pieces ever cut were of Topaz.


Sources: Brazil is the largest producer of Topaz, with other sources being Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mexico, and the USA.

Similar gemstones: Its array of colours means Topaz resembles many other gemstones. Orange-brown and Imperial Topaz can resemble Citrine, Zircon, Chrysoberyl, Golden Beryl and Sapphire. Pink Topaz is similar to Morganite, Tourmaline, Kunzite and Spinel. Yellow Topaz bears resemblance to Chrysoberyl, Heliodor, Zircon and Yellow Sapphire. Blue Topaz may be mistaken for Aquamarine, Zircon, Spinel and Euclase, while White Topaz resembles Diamond, Zircon, Rock Crystal and Goshenite. 

Colour palette: Topaz can be colourless, white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, purple, grey or multicoloured. Blue Topaz is the most commonly used Topaz in jewellery. Topaz displaying a deep blue is known as ‘London Blue’, medium blue is called ‘Swiss Blue’ and light-blue is ‘Sky Blue’.

Azotic Topaz is orange-pink Topaz with a rainbow-like color effect.

Imperial Topaz is the highly prized golden orange-yellow, orange-brown, orange-pink or red variety of Topaz.

Mystic Topaz is coated to create a multicolored, rainbow-like effect.

Rutilated Topaz has yellow needle-like inclusions of the mineral Limonite.

Sherry Topaz has a light orange-brown to brownish-pink color.

Silver Topaz is synonymous with White Topaz and is colourless.

More information about Topaz: Topaz is the Birthstone of November and associated with sincerity, courage and wisdom. Blue Topaz is the 4th Wedding Anniversary gemstone, while Imperial Topaz is the 23rd Wedding Anniversary gemstone or an alternative 50th Wedding Anniversary gemstone.

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