A member of the garnet group and a variety of garnet, Tsavorite is another recent discovery in the gemstone world. Scottish gemologist, Campbell Bridges, discovered Tsavorite in 1967 in Tsavo National Park near the border between Kenya and Tanzania.

Like another gemstone discovery in the same year, that of Tanzanite in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, also in Tanzania, Tsavorite was named by world-renowned jewellers Tiffany & Co, for whom Bridges was a consultant.

Tsavorite is a gemstone prized for its extraordinary brilliance and vivid green colour, making it a star among the line-up of green gemstones. It is also renowned for its durability and for being less sensitive in its handling Emerald.


Sources: There is only one source for Tsavorite and that is on the border of Kenya and Tanzania in Africa.

Similar gemstones: Tsavorite Garnet can sometimes be confused with Demantoid Garnet, although the latter usually has a more olive-green colour. Tsavorite may also resemble Emerald and Tourmaline, and lighter and yellowish Tsavorite can resemble Peridot. 

Colour palette: Tsavorite ranges in colour from a light, spring green to an intense blue-green or even deep forest green.

More information about Tsavorite: Tsavorite is an alternative Birthstone for May and one of the 25th Wedding Anniversary gemstones (the other being Green Garnet). Tsavorite is associated with qualities of strength, vitality and positivity.

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