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One of the newest gemstones, Paraiba is a brightly coloured variety of copper-bearing Tourmaline, named after the Brazilian state where it was discovered in 1989. The gem’s unique, vivid colouring instantly set it apart from other tourmalines. With their neon and electric, glowing colours of vivid blue and green, they have achieved huge popularity and become one of the most sought-after and valuable gemstones.

Technically the term Paraiba describes only those Tourmalines from Paraiba in Brazil. However, nowadays it is used to describe any light to neon blue, copper-bearing Tourmaline from any source in the world.



Sources: Although named after the state in Brazil where it was first discovered, Paraiba tourmaline has been all but exhausted in Brazil and only small stones are now found. More recent finds of copper-bearing Tourmaline have been Nigeria and Mozambique, with the stones from these sources virtually indistinguishable from Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil.

Similar gemstones: Due to the wide colour varieties, many Tourmalines resemble Paraiba tourmaline. 

Colour palette: Paraiba tourmalines are prized for their striking, electric blues and greens, but while some are very lightly coloured, pale almost, others are so dark that their true colour is only revealed when the stone is held up to the light.

A colour of a Paraiba tourmaline will change or at least show a different intensity depending on the angle at which the gemstone is viewed.

More information about Paraiba: Paraiba is an alternative Birthstone for those born in October (Opal being the traditional October birthstone), the 8th Wedding Anniversary gemstone and associated with positive energy.

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