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Bright red in colour, the Ruby is one of the Big Four gemstones. A tough and durable gemstone, the Ruby’s lustre and rarity also make it one of the most desirable. Large rubies are extremely rare, while transparent rubies are even rarer than diamonds.

Ruby is the red variety of the mineral Corundum, from which Sapphire is also sourced but which comes in virtually every other colour except for red. While this essentially makes Ruby a red Sapphire, this most precious and valuable of all red gemstones remains classified as an individual gemstone.


Colour palette: Rubies can be bright, bright red or dark, dark red, bordering on brown, and every red tone in between. Those with the the deepest blood red and an almost blueish tint are the most highly prized.

The Burmese Ruby, also known as the Pigeon’s Blood Ruby, comes in the sought-after deep blood red colour.

The Star Ruby displays a star-like effect caused by dense inclusions, known as asterism.

Sources: Thailand, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikstan, Australia and the USA.

More information about the Ruby: Ruby is the Birthstone of July, the 40th Wedding Anniversary gemstone and associated of enthusiasm, strength and love.

Similar gemstones: Spinel, Garnet (in particular Pyrope) and red Tourmaline (aka Rubellite) all resemble Ruby.

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