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Named after the American financier and gemstone collector, JP Morgan, Morganite is a light pink to salmon-pink gemstone belonging to the mineral group Beryl, the most famous member of which is the Emerald, hence Morganite is also known as Pink Emerald.

Morganite goes by several other names - Pink Beryl, Rose Beryl and Cesian Beryl - and is related to Aquamarine, Golden Beryl, Goshenite and the rare red Bixbite. Morganite is one of the rarest forms of Beryl, second only to red Bixbite.



Colour palette: Morganite comes in all tones and hues of the colour pink - from palest pink, violet-pink and peach through to lilac, salmon and orange-pink. Rarely vivid or intense in colour, these gemstones are usually pale, pastel and subtle in colour.

Morganite that is pure pink in colour is very desirable but most highly prized by collectors is the rare magenta-coloured Morganite found in Madagascar. 

Sources: Brazil and Madagascar possess two of the most significant deposits of Morganite, with other notable sources being Afghanistan, China, Mozambique, Namibia, Russia, Zimbabwe and the USA.

More information about Morganite: Morganite is neither a recognised Birthstone or Wedding Anniversary gemstone but, like others of the Beryl group, it is associated with good luck, cheerfulness, energy and eternal youthfulness.

Similar gemstones: Several gemstones may look a little like Morganite but its pastel colouring makes it largely distinguishable. Pink Topaz, Pink Tourmaline and Pink Spinel all have a darker colouring, while Kunzite is softer and Rose Quartz is less transparent.

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