Spessartine, also known as Spessartite, is an orange to orange-red form of the gemstone Garnet, whose beautiful colouring and brilliance are seeing it gaining in popularity.

In addition to its wonderful colours, Spessartine’s hardness of 7.7.5 make it perfect for multiple jewellery uses and its remarkably high refraction of light give it an exceptional brilliance; even in dull light these beautiful gemstones will sparkle brightly.


Sources: Key sources of Spessartine are Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Brazil, and the USA.

Similar gemstones: Orange and orange-red Spessartine has similarities with Zircon, Spinel and Tourmaline and can also be mistaken for Fire Opal, Andalusite, Chrysoberyl, Sphene, Topaz and Citrine. 

Colour palette: Pure orange Spessartine is fairly rare.The element Iron produces the reddish-orange or brownish-orange colour. Spessartine with an intense red-yellow-orange colouring are often referred to as Mandarin Garnet and these gemstones are highly prized for their fiery-red and fire-like brilliance. In some cases there can be so much iron in the stone that it can cause it to be magnetic.

More information about Spessartine: Spessartine itself is not a designated Birthstone or Wedding Anniversary gemstone but Garnet is the traditional Birthstone for January and the 2nd Wedding Anniversary gemstone. Spessartine is associated with the qualities of clear communication, self-confidence and willingness to make changes and experience new things.

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