The green variety of Beryl, Emerald is one of the Big Four gemstones and the most prized and valuable of green gemstones. The most sought-after Emeralds are those of the deepest green and this colour, alongside their durability and rarity put them firmly among the most expensive gemstones.

An Emerald’s value can be dictated by either its depth of colour or lack of inclusions. Emeralds with small flaws are highly regarded, as this proves their authenticity.


Sources: Key sources of Emeralds today are Colombia and Zambia, as well as Brazil, China, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Russia, South Africa, and the USA. Egypt and Austria were ancient sources.

Similar gemstones: Chrome Tourmaline, Chrome Diopside and Tsavorite (green Garnet) all resemble Emerald. 

Colour palette: The paler the colour the less the Emerald’s value, with the very palest not called Emeralds at all, but rather Green Beryl.

The Trapiche Emerald is a rare and unusual Emerald with black impurities that resemble a six-rayed star.

More information about the Emerald: Emerald is the Birthstone of May, the 20th Wedding Anniversary gemstone and associated of goodness, fidelity and love.

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