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Sunstone is a gem-quality member of the feldspar group of minerals, the most abundant on the earth, whose glittery aventurescence, or Schiller effect, and orange to reddish colour is reminiscent of the sun.

Aventurine, a form of Quartz, exhibits the same glittering effect, hence Sunstone is occasionally referred to as Aventurine Feldspar. However, while Sunstone is predominantly orange or reddish in colour (green and blue variations are very rare), Aventurine is most often green.

Sunstone’s aventurescence makes the stone look as though it is glowing or has an internal light source, retaining this even when viewed from a distance and in evening light.

The state of Oregon in the USA is an important source of Sunstone gems, producing the rare and unique Oregon Sunstone, whose Schiller effect is caused by inclusions of copper, rather than the hematite inclusions of Sunstones from India and other locations is due to of hematite.


Colour palette: Sunstone comes in various hues of  yellow, orange, red, green and brown. Oregon Sunstone is usually straw-yellow, but it also can be pink, peach, red, salmon red-orange, red-green, and blue-green.

In 1980, another Sunstone deposit was discovered in Oregon, producing vivid-red and velvety-red gemstones. This mine also produces peach, salmon red-orange, red-green, green, blue-green, and bicolored and tricolored in combinations of yellow, red, and green.

Oregon Sunstone is Sunstone originating from an Oregon Sunstone mine.

Star Sunstone displays an asterism effect in the form of a four-rayed star. 

Sources: The finest Sunstone comes from the US state of Oregon. Other key sources are India, Canada, Norway, China, Africa and Russia.  

More information about Sunstone: Sunstone is neither a designated Birthstone or Wedding Anniversary gemstone but is believed to increase energy levels at times of stress or ill health. Unsurprisingly, Sunstone is the State Gem of Oregon. 

Similar gemstones: Sunstone bears a close resemblance to orange Aventurine, but Aventurine is slightly harder and is usually green.

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