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Meet the Team

Jason Williams
Jason Williams F.G.A. D.G.A. :

Having joined the family gemstone business in 1988, Jason’s knowledge of the gemstone industry is unparalleled. Finding great satisfaction in sourcing stones for clients, Jason travels far and wide to in order to purchase the finest quality coloured gemstones.

Spending 10 years as a charity trustee and  serving as Chairman of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain [Gem-A], Jason has a great passion for the industry. Attending conferences around the world and guest lecturing for the GIA London, NAJ and Gem-A. It is Jason’s passion, expertise and ambition which has made G.F. Williams & Co. what it is today, continually striving to keep the business at the cutting edge of the gemstone industry.

Jason also manages 2 other businesses within the Williams family group and  holds directorships in 3 other companies. When not working Jason’s hobbies include field hockey, motorsport and horology. 

Amanda Good
Amanda Good F.G.A. D.G.A. :

Amanda has nearly 40 years of experience in the gemstone trade and is a true expert in the art purchasing gemstones. With a background as a gemmologist, and being an examiner for the Gemmological Association Amanda’s knowledge of gemstones is second to none.

Amanda enjoys travelling the globe to source stones, and is highly skilled in handling and processing stock. It is her understanding of the industry, love of gemstones and knowledge of the G.F. williams stock that makes her so adept at helping clients find the stones they need. Over the years she has forged great trading relationships, making her an invaluable part of the team.

When not occupied by her work in the gemstone trade Amanda’s enjoys spending her time making fine textiles for display. 

Iona Wiseman
Iona Wiseman BA GG :

Iona has been with us since March 2017 and we have so enjoyed working with her.

She enjoys her role as chief sales person and has now mastered the stock which with 10,000 plus items is no mean feat. During the last year Iona and her iconic Doc Martins have travelled representing G.F Williams. Our clients like dealing with her and rely on her attention to detail and digging deep in the stock to find the exact item they require. Many people have commented on and love watching out for her photographs of the stones on Instagram. In the office, the staff are grateful for her patience and knowledge of all thing digital. She also brings to the table her qualification as a GIA Graduate Gemmologist.

We all now understand fluent Scottish.

Annette Garland
Annette Garland D.G.A. :

Having worked for G.F. Williams for over 40 years it is Annette’s wealth of practical experience, and true passion for her role which has made her such a crucial member of the team. With a great deal of knowledge about the gemstone industry Annette thrives on the diversity that working for G.F. Williams brings.

Annette is skilled in both gemstone buying, and helping ensure a seamless process in the finding of gemstones for clients. With an extensive knowledge of the G.F. Williams gemstone stock Annette is always on the ball in knowing the availability of specific gemstones.

Outside of work Annette’s pastimes include Cooking and Textiles. 

John Taylor
John Taylor F.G.A. D.G.A. :

After working for G.F. Williams for over 44 years John’s skills are now utilised on a consultancy basis. His specialty lies with developing new markets. Having won the respect of some of the world’s leading jewellers over the years, John helps to support the long standing relationships G.F.Williams holds around the world.

His experience within the jewellery industry and previous role as G.F. Williams sales manager has made John an invaluable asset for peak periods.

When not working with the G.F. Williams team John’s hobbies include singing in the 2 London Welsh male voice choirs. 

Mick Doyle
Mick Doyle :

Mick manages the logistics of dispatching and shipping our gemstones. He is highly committed ensuring clients receive their order when required and in optimum condition.

Mick is an expert on the intricacies of export documentation and shipping procedures, essential to G.F.Williams global distribution of such high-value items.

Away from the office Mick’s pastimes include forgetting to switch on his phone and enjoying a quiet pint.  

Claire Hedley
Claire Hedley :

As the G.F. Williams accounts manager, Claire is an essential part of the team. She is an AAT qualified accounts manager with considerable experience. Claire is responsible for running the G.F. Williams back office accounts and business systems. 

When not managing the G.F. Williams accounts Claire runs an events business within the Williams family group. Her hobbies also include netball and walking her dogs.

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