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Fire and Brimstone – Gemstones that Burn Brightly

Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night is around the corner. An exciting time with themed events and parties with bonfires outside giving us that spooky atmosphere. At least is used to be pre pandemic! These days we need to be a bit more creative in celebrating this time of year so why not do it with coloured gemstone jewellery? Coloured gemstones are so versatile and can fit into any occasion and there are some that really make us think of Halloween pumpkins and the mysterious stories that are told.

There are a few gemstones that burn bright like the many bonfires we see at this time. Sapphire comes in many colours other than blue. You can find them in yellows and oranges which are something to behold. They can be a light lemony yellow to a burnt orange colour. Spessartine garnet is another stone that is also hard wearing and displays beautiful orange hues. And let’s not forget the perfectly named Fire Opal, commonly found in Mexico, the place that homes the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Sometimes we are told stories of the unbelievable during this time such as ghost stories that cause us to question their existence, or tales of witches performing magic that we can’t quite explain. There are gemstones that show visual phenomena’s that are unusual that you may wonder if Mother Nature can make such a thing; and she can! One of these visual effects is colour change. The hue of a stone can change completely from daylight to incandescent light (candle light). You will more than likely see this in some sapphire or alexandrite but colour change garnet can also be found. However, unlike the ghost and witch stories we can gemmologically explain how this happens. Through many years of scientific study gemmologists discovered that the presence of vanadium in the gemstones structure causes this wonderful affect.

Another affect we associate with this time is star and chatoyant gems. This is when a gemstone is cut into a cabochon and the inclusions are so perfectly aligned that the gem will show a star or a cats eye on the surface when light is shone on it. This can be found in sapphires and tourmalines.


So with all this in mind why not treat yourself to a Halloween inspired gemstone to bring you some joy and something that can be kept as a family heirloom for years to come.

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