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Highlights of 2018

G F Williams have had a fantastic 2018 in both business and industry events.

During our buying trips to Thailand and Idar we were able to find gemstones that you don’t come across every day. Like most gemstones dealers, we go with a list of constantly sort after goods which can be testing to find but this year we were able to fill some of those gaps.

Pink sapphire heart

One was for 7mm heart shaped pink sapphires. In past years we combined princess cut and half-moons to get the large pink heart shape look but GFW need to no more. We still have some of these 7mm heart shapes in stock if you are ever in need!

The other amazing find was light and bright octagon Sapphires. It is tricky to find this shape and colour of stone because it can show a lot of inclusions which is something we tend to avoid when buying octagon sapphires. These stones were in such a demand that they were sold almost as quickly as they were bought!

With the great response we got from the stones we will make sure we keep an eye on any more that may come our way!

Another great achievement for us was fulfilling complicated orders for our clients, especially those under time pressures. This included sourcing and assembling large fine suites of gemstones to client’s specification.

We also helped one of our long standing clients out of quite a complicated and very stressful task.

However with constant communication and updates we were able to deliver the finished item and the client walked away happy.


After launching and advertising to our clients about the bespoke gemstones evenings we are able to provide we were quickly booked up.

We had a great time developing relationships and making sure the evenings were carried out better then what was expected.

We already have some booked for this year and are looking forward to hosting them in the New Year.

2018 was a year of Aquamarine and Paraiba Tourmaline from what we could see. It was very exciting seeing colour stones gaining popularity in a world that is mainly diamond oriented. Aquamarine was made popular by; you guessed it, Megan Markle. After her wedding she graced us with a stunning octagon aquamarine ring which was once owned by Princess Diana. We have also seen an increased interest and sales in Paraiba tourmaline.

Paraiba Tourmaline


From what we can tell Paraiba Tourmalines popularity hasn't come from celebrity endorsement but potentially from curiosity and education. It is one of our favourite stones here so here’s hoping this interest continues to grow. Could be the stone of 2019?! 

You can read more about this in our earlier blog Out of the Blue: A Guide to Blue Gemstones.

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