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How to Create a Piece of Bespoke Gemstone Jewellery

Creating a piece of bespoke jewellery using handpicked coloured gemstones and diamonds should be a very exciting prospect, whether it’s the first time you are going through this journey or the tenth. It’s a great way to mark an occasion such as an engagement, the birth of a baby, an anniversary or simply just to treat yourself. Whatever the occasion, here are some helpful tips on designing bespoke gemstone jewellery to set off in the right direction.

Design around the gemstone

If you are creating a piece of jewellery that will feature a gemstone or two then one of the most crucial pieces of advice we can pass on is to find a gemstone or gemstones that you absolutely love and design the piece of jewellery around them.
Too many times we have had disappointed clients come in with their heart set on a design that is underway but with no way of filling the gaps with the gemstone they wanted to mount in it. There are a multitude of reasons as to why certain stones can’t come in particular shapes and sizes but to put it very simply, gemstones and diamonds are products of nature, not mass manufactured items. We can only work with what Mother Nature has made so if you are unsure if what you want, call us and we will tell you what is possible or what alternatives we can offer. By all means have a design idea in your head but be willing to be flexible.

CAD Design

Talk to a gemstone expert

As gemstone dealers we do sometimes have people come to our office to pick out gemstones for the jewellery they want to make. This is not a common route but we are happy to assist in any way we can, to guide and help you pick the perfect gemstone and then to help you in the manufacturing of the piece.
Others go to a jeweller they like and trust to take care of everything from the design of the piece to the search for the right gemstones. When you have an idea of what you would like designed then the next important step is to find a designer who you feel will understand you and your vision.
If you have a jeweller or jewellery designer in mind or are looking for options, take a look at their website and social media platforms to see if they have created jewellery you like and is a similar style to what you are looking to have ,made. This way you will both be on the same wave length and you can have confidence that your piece of bespoke gemstone jewellery will turn out as you envisioned.

Enjoy the design process

Lastly and most importantly, have fun! Designing a special piece of bespoke gemstone jewellery for yourself or someone you love should be enjoyable. Take the time to research the gemstones you would like to use, perhaps birthstones or wedding anniversary gemstones, and perhaps collect and create a collage of images of both jewellery styles you love and the gemstones you would like to use.

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