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March – Aquamarine

The blue variety of Beryl and the sister of the well-known Emerald and is the official birthstone of March. The leading source of Aquamarine is Brazil however can be found in various places in the world. It was thought that sailors wearing aquamarine would keep them safe out on the ocean and also that it would enhance happiness in marriages.

The largest specimen of Aquamarine was found in 1910 in the Minas Gerais mine. When it was brought out the ground it weighed 110.5 kg. The "Dom Pedro" was cut from the rough in Idar-Oberstein in Germany in 1992 by the gemstone designer Berd Munsteiner and is the largest single piece of aquamarine to have ever been cut. Because aquamarine can form in large pieces they are suitable for sizeable fashioned gems in pieces of jewellery as well as carvings. Currently located in the Smithsonian Institution.


Don Pedro

Aquamarine is a popular stone among jewellers and collectors. An example of this would be this square octagon aquamarine which is 20 x 20mm and weighs 34.26cts.

The colour of the stone is commonly described as sea water and is can be pale to mid-blue to green-blue. The more saturated the colour then the higher the price as the majority of aquamarine in is typically lighter blue. Because of this it is difficult to buy as the smallest shade difference in the stone demands a high percentage change in the price.

aquamarine colours

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