Mum’s the word – Gemstones and Jewellery that celebrates motherhood

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to tell your mum just how much you love and appreciate her. There are many ways to do this - breakfast in bed, bunches of flowers, chocolates, being at her beck and call all day. But for a truly memorable and significant way of showing your love for her try creating or buying your mum gemstones and jewellery with symbolic meaning.
Here are some suggestions from the gemstone experts at GF Williams to help get you started on creating your unique Mother’s Day gift.

Rubelite Tourmaline

A Mother’s Ring

A long-standing gift, which has been around for half a century, is a Mother’s Ring. This was traditionally designed as two wedding bands connected by the birthstones of the receiver’s children. As fashion evolves so has this design but the concept remains the same.

A Mother’s Ring is a great way for your mother to proudly show what her family means to her and a constant reminder of her children’s love for her. If rings aren’t something that your mum wears or you are unsure about her finger size, then this design can easily be adapted to a pendant.

Gemstones with a message

If birthstones don’t appeal to you, you could design a piece around a stone that sends a special message to your mother. Some examples of stones with alternative meaning include:

Peridot - known as a cheerful stone, it is meant to symbolise light and love in your life, which isn’t surprising when you see its bright lime green colour.


Peridot rings

The stone dates back to Egyptian times as Peridot was worn a lot by Cleopatra and thought to be her favourite stone for its beauty and her belief that it warded off evil spirits.

Tourmaline - it is said that Tourmaline helps achieve harmony and balance, which every mother needs in her life, with all the juggling they do for us! One of the benefits of this particular stone is that it comes in all colours so you would be sure to find the perfect one to design your piece of jewellery around.

Aquamarine - unsurprisingly, Aquamarine with its cool blues, is said to help calm anger and create a relaxed state of mind. And, let’s be honest, whose mum has never been wound up by her children!

tourmaline aquamarine sapphire

Pick a favourite

Despite the lovely meanings behind the gemstones, these interpretations aren’t for everyone. Instead of this and birthstones you could simply choose stones you know she will love. Perhaps pick a gemstone that comes in her favourite colour, that will match a favourite outfit or that will complement the jewellery she already wears. The thought behind the gift will have the same loving meaning regardless.

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