About G.F. Williams & Co.

G.F. Williams & Co. is a highly respected and experienced wholesaler of coloured gemstones, pearls and diamonds.

With over 100 years’ combined experience of the gemstone industry within the team, we have been supplying gemstones to our global client base for over 50 years.

With a vast inventory of gemstones, diamonds and pearls  available in a broad variety of colours, G.F. Williams supplies a host of clients, from major jewellery manufacturers and gemstone collectors, to students and jewellery designers, as well as individuals looking to create a bespoke piece of jewellery.

The G.F. Williams team  are committed to using our knowledge and expertise to helping you find the gemstones you are after, whether you are searching by type, colour or value.

Ethics Statement

G.F.Williams takes its responsibilities to trade correctly as one of its core practices, forming and maintaining relationships within this trade is everything. The relationships we have with our suppliers are no different. Many formed by the business founder Geoffrey Williams are still honoured to this day by the family descendants of these trusted parties. We have grown fond of our suppliers and would call many of them friends.

At the foundation of these relationships being ‘responsible’ or ‘ethical’, went unsaid, it was integral to the business. To sustain this business in the modern day it has become critical to have and publish this action, however, it is something that we believe we have been doing since Geoffrey Williams established the company in 1962. Today we are constantly keeping up with the latest guidelines set by industry leaders such as CIBJO.

In an industry with so many moving parts, we believe it is not currently possible say with certainty the precise mine every gemstone came from. However, supply chain transparency is becoming normalised upstream, and we are now able to describe with higher certainty a gemstone or gem material’s route to us. The team at G.F. Williams has over 100 years’ combined experience in the trade will always be open to having an honest discussion about any gemstone or gem material that you wish to know more about. We are happy to share our full knowledge how it came to be with within our stock.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call: 0207 405 5477.
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Company History

G.F. Williams & Co. was founded in 1962 by Geoffrey Williams, who entered the gemstone trade in the early 1960s, working for a gemstone dealing company in London’s famous Hatton Garden. The 1960s saw significant growth in jewellery manufacture, with new production techniques requiring consistent sizes and qualities in large volumes. This, combined with close relationships with European gem cutting companies, helped develop the precision cutting of gemstones. It was this development within the gemstone industry that gave Geoffrey Williams the idea for G.F. Williams & Co., to source high quality gemstones for this new market.

Established in 1962, G.F. Williams has been trading for over 50 years and gone on to become a second generation family business. Now managed by Geoffrey’s son, Jason Williams, the G.F. Williams team remains committed to the supply of high quality gemstones, diamonds and pearls.

The Team

Our team of qualified gemologists boasts a combined experience of over 100 years in the jewellery and gemstone industry. We use our wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide and advise our clients when it comes to finding the right gemstone, diamond or pearl for their needs.

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