Ethics and Responsibility

Ethics Statement.

We have devised an FAQ below for any ethical questions.

Do you sell genuine gemstones?
Yes, we do. We work with many gemstones and gem materials; all are natural in origin unless specifically described as ‘Synthetic’. We employ only experienced trained and qualified gemmologists and can test and verify in house or via trade laboratories any stone in our stock.

Do you follow the guidelines set out by industry leaders?
Yes, we do. We work within the standardised guidelines of the coloured stone industry body CIBJO respecting and complying with national and international law. G.F. Williams will maintain and preserve ethical standards and uphold the integrity of the jewellery industry. We will always respect human rights, never knowingly engaging in child labour or causing injury or hardship to local populations. We will never seek profit from conflict or support illegal activities. We are affiliated with The Gemmological Association of GB, the NAJ and the JVA within the UK.

Are your prices transparent ?
Since the first publication of our website, we have always displayed prices. This was controversial at first, but with increasing transparency in the industry it is now more accepted practice. If a price is not being displayed, this may be due to client confidentiality or a rapidly changing supply market.

Do you know the origin of each stone?
Whilst we would love to know the origin of each gemstone, our stock reaches us in a multitude of ways. Some of our stock predates our more in-depth supplier record keeping. Other stock comes from collectors or retiring jewellers who similarly did not record source information.

A small proportion originates from pre worn (recycled) jewellery. We are happy to provide data for this when available. For calibrated gemstones, sometimes called melee (very small) the gemstones come in parcels blended at source from different mines and even localities. This is much more challenging to determine the source. But with our extensive relationships in the supply markets, we are often able to pinpoint a specific country, region, or mine. We are happy to submit gemstones or samples for independent laboratory testing at clients expense.

What labs do you use for testing?
Many of our gemstones already come with reports from highly reputable laboratories. Some gemstones do not, however if you did want a report for your gemstone, we are more than happy to arrange for one at an additional cost. We steer clear of any stones that we believe to be suspect or have unknown provenance. Many gemstones have characteristics of them that are typical to a specific location. With training and experience alongside suitable equipment a gemmologist can often identify origin.

Will you always disclose treatments?
It is a gemstone dealers’ obligation to disclose any treatments that are not standard practice for the gemstone. This can differ from gemstone family to gemstone family. We are more than happy to talk anyone through what the standard treatments for different gemstones are. We will ensure the customer is provided with the correct information regarding enhancements or treatments in a sale.

How do you ensure yourselves and the customer is continuously educated?

We are constantly reviewing and improving our practices as new information enters the industry. It is imperative for us to have a broad understanding of the industry and share this knowledge with others. We frequently give talks to industry groups and gem students and attend conferences on different elements of the industry to ensure that everybody, including ourselves are constantly evolving broader knowledge. It is by continual learning that we all progress.