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Company Profile

G.F. Williams & Co. is a coloured gemstone dealer with a vast inventory of gemstones, diamonds and pearls available in a broad variety of colours. With over 100 years combined  experience within the team, we have been supplying gemstones to our global client base for over 50 years.

At G.F. Williams we are committed to using our experience to help clients find the gemstones they are after, whether they search by type, colour or value. We supply a range of clients from major jewellery manufacturers and gemstone collectors, to students and jewellery designers.

Company History

The founder Geoffrey Williams entered the gemstone trade in the early 1960’s working for a Hatton Garden gemstone dealing company. In the 1960’s the industry saw significant growth in jewellery manufacture, with new production techniques requiring consistent sizes and qualities in large volumes. This, in combination with close relationships with European gem cutting companies helped develop the precision cutting of gemstones. It was this development within the gemstone industry which gave Geoffrey the founding idea for G.F. Williams & Co., to source high quality gemstones for this new market.

G.F. Williams has now been trading for over 50 years, and is a second generation family business. Now managed by Jason Williams, Son of Geoffrey the G.F. Williams team remains committed to the supply of high quality gemstones, diamonds and pearls.

The team

Qualified gemmologists, with a combined experience of over 100 years in the jewellery trade.   

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