Bangkok Buying Trip 2023

This was the second major trip we have made since Covid and whilst the travelling was easier the Gem market certainly was not.

Our long-term relationships paid off and we managed to acquire close to our entire ‘wish list’. We came home with some lovely stones as well as some unusual items. One thing we are unfortunately learning is the ‘Kanchan’ Sapphire is truly coming to an end. Supply is sporadic and the parcels are appearing in poor condition. Things are changing, soon the UK market will have to wean itself off the mid Blue Sapphire to which we have become accustomed.

Commercial clients will most likely be provided with the alternatives of the light bright material which Sri Lanka typically produces and deeper greenish blue tones of the African Sapphires. Many of which come from Mambila in Nigeria.

Attractive ‘no heat’ Sapphires with good quality reports were available therefore we are now able to supply reasonably priced ‘no heat’ Sapphires of approximately 1.5-3.0 cts.

To add to this range, we have also purchased some small (1ct size) no heat Rubies. These were produced by a favourite long-term cutter of G.F. Williams. These are always well cut and make superb jewellery. They are very attractive and reasonably priced so will not stay in stock long!

We noticed an increase in the market of Mozambique Ruby, many of these Rubies have a distinctive orange hue. We are waiting to see how the market reacts to this change as the more traditional Mong Hsu material, which is pinker and is reducing in volume.

A big challenge this trip were the increased prices. This has been caused by high demand from China and India and low production post Covid which means there a supply and demand imbalance. At these times it takes real courage to buy however it is part of our service to our clients to have stock available to offer.

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