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Fall in Love with Gemstones

In our increasingly busy lives it must be a good thing to put one day aside to celebrate the love for our partner. Valentine’s Day, celebrated annually on the 14th February, is just such an opportunity.

Finding that special someone who we want to be with above all others, in some cases the rest of our lives, is usually down to them having a uniqueness about them that you haven’t found in anyone else. Loving gemstones can be described in the same way.

Purple Sapphire

Coloured gemstone phenomena

Gemstones vary so much in colour, shape and size that we would argue that it’s impossible not to fall deeply in love with at least one. An amazing attribute of coloured gemstones is that some can display phenomena which make them even more unique, just like our partners.

Gemstone phenomena such as Cat’s Eye (where a narrow band of concentrated light crosses the width of the stone), Asterism (a star-like inclusion), Iridescence (a rainbow sheen), Adularescence (a billowy, floating light), Aventurescence (a glittery effect) and Colour Change (where the colour of the gemstone changes depending on the different types of light) are all exceptional reasons to fall in love with a gemstone.

Celebrating love

We have never handed a coloured stone to anyone without a reaction either positive or negative. Likewise we have never asked someone where they got a piece of jewellery without them being able to tell us the meaning and significance behind it.

purple sapphire engagement ring

So what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and your love for your partner than to give them a piece of gemstone jewellery?

Here’s are our top tips of how to get it right when buying your loved one jewellery:

  1. If it’s going to be a complete surprise only consider a ring if you know your partner’s ring size. If you do not know the size, go for something like a pendant, earrings or a pair of cufflinks.
  2. If you are considering a coloured stone observe carefully what your partner likes to wear.  A heart shaped Ruby for someone who likes to wear red could not be a better choice, but not for someone who prefers pastel colours.
  3. Make sure you know the colour metal they like to wear. Do they prefer silver or platinum rather than gold or rose gold?
  4. If you are considering buying a ring make sure the stone is durable. Ruby and all coloured Sapphires are very tough. But softer gemstones, such as Tanzanite, make a better pendant or earrings.
  5. If you want to spend a significant amount of money consider buying just the gemstone reserving some of the budget for mounting it. Choosing the mount together can be a really fun and satisfying process.

Gemstone specialists GF Williams supplies a huge range of high quality coloured gemstones and is an expert and experienced gemstone supplier to designers, manufacturers, collectors and private clients.

Find out more about how GF Williams can fulfil your gemstone requirements by browsing our online gemstone catalogue or contacting our friendly team of gemstone experts on +44 (0) 207 405 5477 or email office@gfwilliams.co.uk.